Brown Belt

POOMSE (all brown belt quality)

  • Tae Guk Chil Jang
  • Tae Guk Yuk Jang
  • Tae Guk Sa Jang
  • Kibon


  • A  1-15
  • B  1-10
  • C  1-5
  • D  1-5


  1. Front stab- Step to side, inside block, forward shuffle as you ridge hand strike to throat.
  2. Close up stick up with knife- With both of your hands grab attacker’s knife wielding hand and pull down hard. Just as they start to resist reverse your pull and push knife into their throat.
  3. Front stick up with attacker holding knife out straight- Grab hand from underneath and spin in doing a wrist lock. As attacker is falling reverse wrist lock and flip them over to face down arm bar.
  4. Overhand knife strike- Step to side as you deflect strike with both arms and pull knife down into attacker’s leg or groin.
  5. Lunging stab- Step to side and deflect. As you do this trap wrist and using their momentum take them down into arm bar.


  • Be able to run center ring and execute all warnings, deduction of points, and decisions.


  • JA DEE: Brown belt
  • ILL WHEH JEON: 1st round
  • YE WHEH JEON: 2nd round
  • SAM WHEH JEON: 3rd round
  • SHEE GAN: Times up
  • SEUNG: Winner
  • SONNAL DEUNG: Ridge hand