General Rules and Courtesies

Uniform: Your uniform should always be clean and unwrinkled for each class.

Nails: Your toe nails and finger nails must be trimmed short for every class.

Bow: Bow towards the flag every time you enter and leave the Do Jang.

Bow: Bow to Sabum Nim when seeing him for the first time each day.

Answer: Always answer any senior student as sir or ma’am when spoken to.

Wash: Wash your arm and leg pads AT LEAST once a month (preferably weekly). They can be washed in the washer and then air dried.

Permission: Always ask permission of an instructor to be excused to the restroom.

Jewelry: Do not wear any jewelry or chew gum during classes.

Conduct: Conduct yourself with dignity and respect for others.

Never hurt: Always work out as hard as you can but never hurt your opponent intentionally.

Fix do bok: When fixing your do bok, make sure you’re not facing Sabum Nim or any other black belt.

Defense only: Tae Kwon Do is to be used for defense only. Never show off to your friends, especially at school. Invite them to the Do Jang to watch or participate.