Grand Master Vince Church

Grand Master Church began studying the martial arts at the age of four. He has been actively training now for fourty-seven years. He holds a eighth dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do: A seventh dan black belt in Ryu Kyu Kempo karate. He also holds advanced rank in Judo, Hapkido and submission wrestling. He incorporates all of these martial arts in the daily classes at Klamath Family Tae Kwon Do. His passion is to see as many people as possible benefit from living the martial arts lifestyle.

In 2003, he started Super-Kicks after school martial arts program, the first of its kind in Klamath Falls. Super-Kicks soon went on to gain national attention and was a featured article in Martial Arts World Magazine. Children are picked up daily from school and are transported to Klamath Family Tae Kwon Do where they train in the martial arts every day. They are also given ample time to do their homework and are encouraged to pursue excellence in every area of their lives.

Grand Master Church has trained over one hundred regional, state, and national champions. His expertise in teh sport of Tae Kwon Do has students coming from all over the northwest to train with his champion’s team. His mission statement is “Building Self-Esteem Through the Pursuit of Excellence”. He encourages his students to not settle for anything less than their very best in all that they do. His personal goal is to impact at least one million people either directly or indirectly in his lifetime. He always leaves his students with these thoughts: Never miss an opportunity to compliment someone; go out of your way to help others; the first responsibility of a martial artist is to seek peace: and do not follow others, but lead.