Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2011

Being Your Child’s Success-Coach…

If we have one job as parents and life coaches, it is to set our children up for success. How we go about this can vary, but one of the most important things we must do is help our children be accountable for their own success. Instilling the value of hard work and always trying your best is one of the biggest gifts we can ever give our children. They need to know that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to if they just try. We all want to see our children succeed in life, but are we actually giving them the skills they need to make it happen.

Think about the most successful people you know and what qualities they have that make them successful. My success mentors all have these character traits. They are goal-oriented, problem-solvers, and have a positive mindset. They try and influence those around them to set and achieve goals. They are leaders and they help create more leaders.

As parents, are we instilling these traits in our children on a daily basis? Do we start each day with a success talk? When our children are having problems, do we fix it for them or teach them the life skills to handle it on their own? As parents, we all want our children’s lives to be as comfortable as possible, but we must let them create their own success. If we give our children one thing, it must be the gift of a success-oriented mindset.

In closing, I would just like to say how truly blessed I am to have the honor of being one of your child’s success-coaches. I look forward to great things being accomplished by each and every one of my students.

God bless you all.

– Grand Master Vince ChurchNov/Dec 2011

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