Newsletter – Apr/May 2012


Everybody has fears. And some fears are healthy, like the fear of getting run over if you cross the street without looking. But I’m not talking about those other fears, the ones that keep you from living a full and meaningful life, that hold you back from being your best self. Usually, it’s all that thinking about fears that cripples and keeps people from facing them head on.
This month, I’d like to share a few tips about facing fears:

  • Examine your fears. Be honest with yourself. What is it that scares you so much? Fears are often a reflection of insecurity or uncertainty about something. Get clear on what the fear really is.
  • Learn about your fears. Dig deep. Ask yourself where the fear comes from. Is it from a past experience? Is it you are afraid of the consequences of facing the fear? What is the worse thing that will happen if you face the fear head on? List all the possible scenarios, both pro and con. Now ask yourself, “Is this fear reasonable?”  Seek a safe and smart solution.
  • Talk to someone you trust about them. Sometimes another person can help you sort out the root of the fear and help you make a plan to take on the challenge of moving through it. Looking at fear from all sides can help you find a way to make a smart and rational choice about facing it.
  • Develop faith. Believe in something. I can’t tell you what that is; that is up to you. Having faith in something important to you is a healthy way to face your fears and find peace.
  • Change your outlook. You have the power to control your self talk and to make choices to live in the present. Seek to let go of the past, of past regrets. Focus on being positive, for yourself and for others. Focus and live in the “now.”
  • Build your character. When you face adversity, a serious challenge or a deep-rooted fear, you gain character and strength. Building your character is a worthy endeavor with life changing rewards.

God bless you all.

– Grand Master Vince ChurchApr/May 2012

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