Newsletter – Spring 2011

Seeing Things As They Really Are

In the Ji Do Kwan system of Tae Kwon Do we live by the eight manners of solemnity. View rightly, Feel rightly, Think rightly, Speak rightly, Order rightly, Contribute rightly, Conduct rightly, Have ability.

I personally feel that the first of these, View rightly, is so important to learn and live our lives by. It is very easy to see things through our own eyes, as that is our first impression of most things. Then we form our opinion based on what we thought we “think” we saw. It is a fact that most conflicts happen when someone feels disrespected. If we, as Tae Kwon Doin, are really living by these manners of solemnity should we not be taking the time to really look at things? So often we react too quickly with not enough thought and reflection on what really happened. I am making it part of my own personal discipline to actually step back and take the time to look at things through the eyes of all people involved. When we do this it makes us slow down our judgment of people and situations and really see them for what they are.

This is hard sometimes as we as human beings are naturally, emotionally wired and therefore react on that emotion. When in fact if we really look at things from every angle with an open mind we might find that our first impression was wrong and upon reflection we could See things differently. If we are truly living the Tae Kwon Do lifestyle, it should be all of our responsibility to make sure we are seeking harmony in our lives, and by truly Viewing rightly we can start to achieve this balance.

God bless you all.

– Grand Master Vince ChurchSpring 2011

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